As a part of our network it's easy to share content and gain more advertising income. Your news site will get access to revenue ad streams not otherwise available.

Locally produced content from other publishers in the network is available. We also offer global news from CNN (including live-feed) as well as sport events, documentaries and features.

The videoplayer is easy to set up. The platform utilises a cloud based system to increase streaming and ease of operations. The platform is responsive, with social sharing just a click away.

FlowNetwork is the Stockholm-based startup that’s been around since 2014. As of now, we’re live on 20 news sites all over Sweden.

Our team of professionals – from diverse backgrounds such as digital journalism, video editors and developers – is one of our core strengths. We have experience with newsroom environments and can find solutions that will work for you.

We’re here to help. For us, it’s important with personal relations and to be percipient of your needs to adapt in a fast changing industry. You know your users best, and we want to know you. Contact us here.